Crown Collection

Phillies Krome Crown CollectionPhillies Krome and the company behind the award-winning brand— Commonwealth-Altadis Inc.—is introducing the new Crown Collection. The new Crown Collection will be offered in two top-selling variants, but is expanding to include two great new variants and a classic taste. All variants are available at an everyday pre-price of “three cigars for 99 cents” per pouch. Flavor include: Ruby – Sweet, the No. 1 cigarillo variant, according to MSAi an industry tracking service; Jade–White Grape, the No. 3 cigarillo variant; Onyx–Blackberry; Topaz–Amaretto; Diamond–Natural. Greg Moser, vice president of trade marketing noted, “stores that stock three-pack cigarillos increased sales volume by 11.2%,” according to MSAi data covering January through August 2013 versus the same period in 2012.  Pre-priced promotions account for 42% of the total cigar category, Moser said, citing MSAi data. Additionally, the pre-priced “three for 99 cents” a pack segment represents 11.5% of the market and continues to grow, he said.
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