Affordable Lighting Control System

Cree webCree Inc. has introduced SmartCast Technology, the first self-programming wireless lighting control system that reduces energy consumption by more than 70% compared to traditional fluorescent luminaires without SmartCast Technology—and at half the cost of traditional lighting controls. Intuitive and easy to use, luminaires enabled with Cree SmartCast Technology remove the initial and ongoing complexity associated with lighting controls. Featuring Cree’s innovative OneButton Setup, luminaires enabled with SmartCast Technology create their own secure network, learn about their environment and form groups to maximize savings, all with the push of a single button. SmartCast Technology eliminates additional design time, wires and set up time often associated with controls systems to provide the simplest controls system available. Cree SmartCast Technology is currently available in CR Series LED troffers, CS Series linear luminaires and KR Series downlights, as well as via a 0-10V interface for control of existing dimmable LED luminaires.

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