Nielsen Reports On Consumers’ Super Bowl Snacking Plans

SNACKSSuper Bowl XLVIII sees customers returning to beer, pizza and wings and away from the veggie platters of last year.

Last year, Americans tried to go healthy when planning Super Bowl snacks with vegetable platters, water and healthy alternatives to chips such as granola and trail mix. This Super Bowl sees a return to traditional fare such as pizza (3rd spot in 2014, 7th spot in 2013), Buffalo Wings (4th spot in 2014, 9th spot in 2013), salty snacks (1st spot) and Dips (2nd spot).

No more carrot sticks! Veggie trays moved from the 3rd spot last year to No. 9 this year. Healthy alternatives to chips, such as granola and trail mix are only being served or eaten by 8% of Americans.

Beer Scores Top Spot
Beer moves into first place as America’s Super Bowl drink of choice, as 53% say they will drink or serve beer during the game.

Next popular is carbonated beverages at 51%. This is a switch from 2013, when carbonated beverages was No. 1 (71%) followed by beer (42%).

Spending More On Entertaining
An improving economy impacts Super Bowl entertaining as well. More Americans (18%) are planning on spending more this year on food and beverages than last year (9%).

While watching at home still remains the top place to watch the game (55%), more Americans this year say they will head out to watch the game—either at a bar or restaurant, or their friends’ house (17% this year compared to 11% last year).

• 71% of consumers are expected to watch the commercials this year, up from 68% in 2013

•Once again the funny ads are the most loved with 67% of consumers enjoying them. This is followed by sentimental ads, ads highlighting product features and ads that were seen in previous Super Bowls. At the bottom were ads that highlight price benefits

•  53% Americans continue to comment in real time during commercials, turning to social media to share their thoughts.

•   In 2013, 108.6 million watched the game only on a TV. But in 2014, 73% of respondents say they will watch the game only on a TV. Meanwhile, 15% will also be using a smart phone, 14% a personal computer  and 11% a tablet





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