Speedway Partners With PUGS

speedwaySunglasses, smartphone chargers, ear buds, energy shots and pill supplement items to be available through PUGS at Speedway this month.

Speedway LLC has partnered with PUGS Inc., a 28+ year national distributor of sunglasses, charging accessories for smartphones and smart devices, seasonal apparel, work gloves and other GM items.

“We are deeply humble and extremely honored to have earned the trust of Speedway to partner with us in a multi-year agreement,” said Brent Bartholio, national sales manager. “Our commitment is to begin rolling out our sunglasses, smartphone chargers, ear buds, energy shots and pill supplement items starting mid January.  We look forward to driving sales, not only with our product line but with our proprietary replenishment DSD delivery system to stores in all eight states throughout the Midwest.” 

“PUGS’ differentiation is in the exceptional value delivered through our products,” said Russ Drury, corporate marketing director.  “They bring excitement to the category, offering on-trend styles at exceptionally quality and consistent value.  We are proud when retailers, such as Speedway, recognize that our products exceed their customers’ expectations in quality and value. We’ve earned several new partnerships this year largely due to retailers looking for partners like PUGS with products and services that supports increasing their image and improving their customer’s shopping experience.”

Headquartered in Enon, Ohio, Speedway is the fourth largest chain of company-owned and -operated gasoline and convenience stores in the U.S. Speedway has approximately 1,500 convenience stores in nine states.



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