Wintergreen Moist Snuff

GrizzlyWideCutWintergreenAmerican Snuff Co.’s Grizzly, the No. 1 selling brand of moist snuff in the U.S., is continuing its momentum with Wide Cut Wintergreen, a style innovation for the brand that expanded nationwide in January. Grizzly Wide Cut Wintergreen is a unique product offering from Grizzly, with the individual strands of tobacco cut wider than a regular long cut. The wider cut offers adult dippers a bold, long lasting Wintergreen flavor and easy packing. In May 2013, Grizzly expanded its Wintergreen selection by introducing Wide Cut Wintergreen statewide in Indiana. Expanding with innovative styles like Grizzly Wide Cut Wintergreen is part of American Snuff Co.’s and Reynolds American Inc.’s vision of transforming tobacco.

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