SAS Hosts Team Building Workshop, Donates Bicycles

Bike2Participants construct bicycles and donate them to a local YMCA.

In December, 2013, the SAS Sales and Marketing management teams came together to take part in an activity to help build teamwork and to give back to their community.

The first portion of the workshop focused on improving communications.  The facilitator, Ellen Patnaude, from The Leader’s Institute, walked the group through how to use a memory picture technique, which assists with recollection.  These memory skills were then used to interview another team member and to lead additional information about them.

Next, the participants in this team building program used various bicycle parts that filled the room.  Three people were selected to operate as ‘judges”; the remaining attendees were divided into six groups.  Each team had puzzles to solve, codes to decipher, and secrets to unlock in order to earn various bicycle parts from the “judges:” such as the frame, tools, handlebars, seat, pedals, helmet and other bicycle accessories.  Many challenges were discovered along the way that had to be overcome.  Brainstorming sessions could be heard from each of the groups and collaboration between the groups ensured the program’s success.  The groups all learned that communication, and listening in particular, is a fundamental part of any endeavor.  Amid the chaos, teams began to figure it out.  Everyone successfully accomplished the ultimate goal of building a bicycle using their newly improved communication, planning and teamwork skills.

Once these bicycles were assembled, they were inspected to ensure its safety and proper construction of the bicycle.  Representatives from a local YMCA were on hand to accept the donation of three boy styled bicycles and three girl style bicycles.  Everyone was touched when they learned that these bicycles would be given to a child in need as part of their Christmas giving program.  This unique event built camaraderie among the participants and made a difference in the lives of six children who had an “extra special” Christmas in 2013!

In addition to this charitable event, SAS coordinates four blood drives annually and donations from Friday “jeans day” go to Kids Food Basket, providing nutritious lunches for school children and the American Cancer Society.



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