Precise Scanning

datalogicDatalogic presents the new QuickScan QD2400 2D imager, the solution for adopting area imaging technology at an affordable price without having to sacrifice quality. When using the QuickScan QD2400 2D imager, operators at the POS can count on snappiness, along with high motion tolerance and Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for quick, precise and uninterrupted reading, even during peak hours. The QuickScan QD2400 2D imager projects two blue LED triangles on a code with soft dark red background illumination, which increases targeting precision and decreases visual stress. The dim and steady illumination produces a non-invasive light, creating a comfortable reading environment for the user’s eyes. The imager was designed to be light, compact and ergonomic, allowing the hand to relax while scanning. These characteristics, accompanied by the aiming system, guarantee overall comfort so the operator can scan codes for long periods of time without tiring.

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