RGIS and Retail Control Group Announce Partnership

acquisitionCompanies combine resources to provide expert physical inventory and shrink reduction best practices.

RGIS LLC, the market leader in physical inventory services, and Retail Control Group (RCG), the industry’s leading store operations and shrink control consultancy, announced a new partnership to provide profit improvement services to the retail industry.

For more than 25 years, the team at Retail Control Group has provided best-in-class shrink reduction and prevention technology and best practices operational training. This training has resulted in a success rate of 98% with clients in reducing store shrink up to 18% in as few as 120 days. With this new partnership, RGIS and RCG are combining resources to provide expert physical inventory best practices with expert shrink reduction best practices to guarantee improved profit opportunities for retailers.

“Retailers today are looking for solutions to improve store profit and no other two companies are better positioned to bring these vital services together to help retailers grow their profit,” said Larry Miller, president at the Retail Control Group.

Retailers can expect all new levels of profit-improvement partnership when both companies are engaged, including:

– Improved pre-inventory preparation services

– Increased inventory accuracy verification

– Shrink loss diagnosis audits to determine the underlying causes of excessive shrink

– Specific shrink loss cure recommendations including pre- and post- inventory tracking analytics, manager training, technology recommendations and implementation/execution support  

– Store manager best practices training services resulting in improved operational results

“These are very competitive times for retailers and we want to put our clients in the best, competitively advantaged position as possible,” said Bill Carpou, executive vice president for sales and marketing at RGIS. “RGIS and Retail Control Group are working to take inventory management and shrink prevention to new levels, helping to support both sales and profit growth.”




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