Vector Group Launching ZOOM E-Cigarettes

ZOOMLaunch includes disposable styles with quality U.S. e-liquid and proprietary technology that delivers at least 300 TRU-PUFFS.

Vector Group Ltd. has announced that its indirect subsidiary, Zoom E-Cigs LLC, will launch its ZOOM electronic cigarette brand nationwide beginning in January of 2014. 

Zoom’s first product, a superior disposable, non-rechargeable line, will be the company’s first e-cigarette and sales and distribution of the brand will be managed by Liggett Vector Brands LLC.

ZOOM premium e-cigs will feature Tobacco and Menthol flavors, in Bold and Smooth styles.  Products initially will be available nationwide in single and convenient three-pack formats and feature low weight 100mm products, a length that is familiar to smokers of conventional cigarettes.

Developed in combination with XEO Int. Ltd., a Hannover, Germany based e-cigarette design and engineering company, ZOOM disposable e-cigs feature an exclusive, 130mAh battery that delivers at least 300 TRU-PUFFS, the equivalent of approximately two packs of conventional cigarettes.  ZOOM products use a proprietary U.S. made e-liquid which produces a premium quality vapor stream with the consistent delivery of traditional tobacco and menthol flavors preferred by smokers.  ZOOM features a soft-tip filter and proprietary packaging to complete the best-in-class e-cigarette experience. 

“We have carefully developed our flavorful ZOOM e-cigarette brand to appeal to adult smokers in the growing e-cig market and we are confident that if the category continues to expand, we will succeed with this compelling product,” said Ron Bernstein, CEO of Liggett Vector Brands.  “We have drawn on our own industry experience and research, German precision engineering, quality U.S. e-liquids developed under the guidance of Liggett tobacco experts, and Chinese manufacturing expertise to create ZOOM, which we believe is the best disposable e-cigarette available today.”

XEO Int. Ltd. CEO Markus Goch added, “We are proud to be working with Zoom E-Cigs LLC to develop this product, which is a giant step forward for e-cigs in the United States and represents a new U.S. standard.  The flavor, puff count and overall experience are, in my opinion, second to none.”

ZOOM’s January 2014 nationwide launch will be supported with national media, including radio and key market outdoor/transit advertising.  In addition, Liggett Vector Brands’ national sales force will be implementing attractive trade promotion programs to ensure rapid distribution and adult smoker trial. 

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    I enjoy E cigarettes but they are hard to find

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