Pipes and Tobaccos

Rattrays  PipesArango Cigar Co., national distributor of a wide variety of tobacco products and related accessories, is now offering the entire product line of 19 Rattray’s Epicurean Pipe Tobaccos.  All are hand-blended and packed in 100-gram tins, with five also offered in 50-gram tins.  Additionally, 14 blends are available in 17.5-ounce bags.

 “Our best-selling Rattray’s tobaccos are Marlin Flake, Highland Targe and Old Gowrie,” noted Arango’s President, Michael Gold.  “These are also the namesakes for three Rattray’s briar pipe models: Marlin, Highland and Old Gowrie, which Arango stocks as well. These pipes fall into the average price range of finer pieces in the pipe market.”

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