Breakfast Squares

Stackers Beauty 2Lettieri’s new STACKER SQUARES are the perfect hand-held solution for anyone looking to start the day with a hearty breakfast. STACKER SQUARES possess a consistent out-of-the-oven flavor profile that appeals to c-store customers.  Part of the secret for their success is the dough formulation that produces a buttery, flakey, pastry-like feel and texture. STACKER SQUARES are available in three flavors: Ham, Egg & Cheese (5.1-ounce); Sausage, Egg & Cheese (5.3-ounce); and Chorizo & Egg (4.7-ounce). Fully prepared, STACKER SQUARES can be heated in a variety of methods including convection oven and microwave.  STACKER SQUARES come “merchandise ready” in colorful packaging to increase consumer awareness.  For your “hot-to-go” program, STACKER SQUARES stay fresh and warm in a merchandiser for up to three hours. In a store cooler, these same sandwiches will last up to seven days.
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