NOCO Assists Buffalo Prep In Securing Grant

BuffaloNOCOBuffalo Prep marks first academic enrichment program to gain a grant from ExxonMobil Education Alliance Program through NOCO.

Buffalo Prep was recently awarded a $1,500 grant from the ExxonMobil Educational Alliance program to support math and science education initiatives. 

Michael Newman, executive vice president of NOCO and Charles Freiden, territory manager for ExxonMobil worked with officials from the academic enrichment program to secure the grant, which was funded through the ExxonMobil Corp.

“Buffalo Prep is the first academic enrichment program to receive a grant from ExxonMobil’s Educational Alliance program in conjunction with NOCO,” said Newman. “We are excited for the opportunity to join with our vendor partner ExxonMobil in supporting local education programs with the resources they need to advance math and science learning.”

The ExxonMobil Educational Alliance program is designed to provide Exxon and Mobil retailers and distributors, like NOCO, with an opportunity to invest in the future of their communities through educational grants to neighborhood schools and academic programs. ExxonMobil believes that, as members of the community, local retailers and distributors are best qualified to work with local educators to help identify schools and programs most in need.

“Buffalo Prep thanks NOCO and ExxonMobil for its steadfast support and commitment to improving educational outcomes for under-represented students in our community,” said Marcia O’Neil-White, executive director, Buffalo Prep. “These contributions help our hard working students achieve success in high school and college and for that we are most thankful.”

Buffalo Prep has been challenging its students and improving the educational landscape since 1989 by identifying and meeting the academic, social, and cultural needs of thousands of gifted students who once found too little challenge and support from their neighborhood schools and at home. Connecting multiple levels of education, Buffalo Prep’s unique enrichment program enhances the quality of life for more than 300 disadvantaged students and their families each year.






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