Customizing The E-Cig Lifestyle

Inter Continental ALL BUT ONEE-Luminate Electronic Cigarettes present a fresh new approach to the e-cigarette industry. Specializing in the production of three types of quality e-cigarettes (refillable, disposable and rechargeable), e-liquids, tank kits, cartomizers and accessories, E-Luminate E-Cigarettes take a step in a new direction, where consumers can truly customize their smoking lifestyle. E-Luminate’s refillable e-cigarette starter kit comes with USB charger, refillable clearomizer and permanent cigarette battery. For the best experience, the clearomizers are paired with specialty E-Luminate e-liquids crafted from the finest ingredients. E-Luminate’s other electronic cigarettes also create a one of a kind experience for consumers. The disposable soft-tip has a sleek design providing up to 600 puffs for a long lasting smoking experience. The rechargeable cigarette starter kit comes with two cartridges, USB charger and permanent battery that users can charge as many times as they want. There is no denying the quality that E-Luminate delivers.

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