Ender’s Game Promotion

EndersGame_Easel2The ICEE Co. has announced the launch of its Ender’s Game Promotion, which includes a retail and online program with Ender’s Game Battle School Blastberry and Orbital Orange ICEE flavors, with a promotion featured on Ender’s Game themed ICEE cups and prominent signage in movie theaters, quick service restaurants and convenience stores nationwide. A sweepstakes overlay gives consumers a chance to win an Astronaut Training Experience supported through retailers and social media. Directed by Gavin Hood, ENDER’S GAME takes place in the near future; when a hostile alien race called the Formics have attacked Earth. ENDER’S GAME opens in theaters and IMAX Nov. 1, 2013.An exclusive Ender’s Game online game continues the fun on the ICEE Website.

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  1. alanmarktay says:

    I have purchased several icee’s saved the points,then tried to find out about
    ” special limited time offer ” only to be directed to ad after ad and found out nothing about the offer or how to redeem the points.I see why I’m the first to write a comment after trying to find out how to redeem points I finally just didn’t want to try to save enough points because I don’t think 225 points is enough to get any thing.I’m not even sure this is the right web site?I gave the points to a friend who going to try. I’m not signing into this web site because you have a lot tag alongs and some might contain virus’es.You can respond to this at alanmarktay@yahoo.com,any other recponce will be treated as trash! Sincerely Marc.
    ]I dont tjink your web site is safe. Why do you need my pass word,

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