Ultimate Line Debuts on Rutter’s Menu

rutters-among-50-fastest-growing-companies01Burgers, tacos and quesadilla options greet customers.

Rutter’s has taken a good things and made them even better with the introduction of The Ultimate line of burgers, tacos and quesadillas to the Central Pennsylvania’s convenience store chain’s award-winning menu.

Rutter’s Ultimate Burger Melts are one-third pound Black Angus beef patty and topped with the customer’s choice of pastrami, mozzarella sticks, french fries, jalapeno bites or fried pickles. In addition to any of the fresh, delicious traditional toppings Rutter’s customers have grown to love, they can also choose from burger toppings they can’t find anywhere else like taco meat, macaroni and cheese and onion rings.

Rutter’s Ultimate Tacos come in Alaskan cod, chicken or steak and are served up two at a time in soft taco shells. Customers can top the tacos with as many toppings as they like to complement their tastes.

Rutter’s also expanded its selection of quesadillas by introducing two new Ultimate Quesadilla options.  The first is the Fish-a-dilla made with a fried Alaskan cod fillet; the second is the Mexicali Burger quesadilla, which is prepared using taco meat and Rutter’s Angus Beef burger. Each quesadilla is paired with cheese and the customer’s choice of quesadilla toppings, melted together to perfection and served with salsa.

Rutter’s Farm Stores is recognized in the c-store industry as a leader in foodservice innovation. The foodservice team is led by Vice President of Food Service, Jerry Weiner.


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