Disposable E-cigs

New-EZ-Cig-QKretek International Inc. has introduced the new EZ Cig ‘Q’ King Size disposable e-cigarettes.  The new EZ Cig ‘Q’ e-cigs have the size, look and feel of an actual king size cigarette, with the battery power and smooth rich flavors of a larger stick.  They’re smaller than most e-cigarettes, so they’re easier to carry and enjoy. EZ Cig ‘Q’ disposables are available in two menthol and two tobacco flavors, with two nicotine levels.  They’re available in four tobacco and menthol tastes, in single-stick SKUs and are delivered to the trade in 12-unit counter top display cartons.  They join the current line of EZ Cig disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes and deliver up to 200 puffs of unsurpassed flavors.  “EZ Cig grew 191% the first five months of 2013, so that’s  faster than the e-cig category.  We’re adding styles and flavors in line with consumer preferences,” stated Kretek President and CEO Mark Cassar. Each EZ Cig ‘Q’ stick is powered by a SuperLast Lithium-Ion battery. 

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  1. Disposable means after using it for one time there is no use of it. It is very good idea but according to me it will cost more higher than traditional cigarette. People use e cigarette because it is cheap and also one e cig is equal to 20 normal cigarette. So concept of disposable e cig is very nice but it is costlier than traditional cigarette.

  2. I’ve never tried a disposable, does anyone have any experience with them?

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