Petro Serve USA First To Add E15 in North Dakota

gasoline editNorth Dakota marks the ninth state to offer E15.

E15 is available for the first time in North Dakota at six Petro Serve USA locations in Bismarck, Mandan, West Fargo and Fargo.

North Dakota is only the ninth state to offer E15, an economical high-performance fuel, as an option to its consumers since it was approved in 2011.

“We are committed to offering our customers choice at the pump,” said Kent Satrang, CEO of Petro Serve USA. “Ethanol blends are the perfect partnership between North Dakota’s corn fields and oil fields. E15 provides a very cost-effective option for our consumers.”

E15, which is 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline, is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for all 2001 and newer cars and light-duty vehicles, as well as flex fuel vehicles. These vehicles make up 75% of the light duty vehicles on the road today, representing more than 85% of the unleaded fuel sold in the nation.

“E15 underwent more testing than any automotive fuel previously introduced into commerce, so it is certainly a safe option for 2001 and newer vehicles,” said Jeff Zueger, general manager of Blue Flint Ethanol and chairman of the North Dakota Ethanol Council. “Ethanol burns cleaner and cooler in engines, which helps the performance level of the vehicle. It also can extend the life of the engine.”

“NASCAR has driven more than four million miles on Sunoco Green E15. This speaks volumes to the performance level of the proven fuel,” said Tom Lilja, executive director of the North Dakota Corn Growers Association. “North Dakota is lucky to be one of the few states offering E15. Ethanol blends are good for the economy, environment and energy independence.”

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