Tradition You Can Taste

Wave-LEP-ImageWave’s expertly-crafted American blend has tradition you can taste—and Wave is honoring that craftsmanship with a new Limited Edition Pack. The Limited Edition Pack celebrates Wave’s premium tobacco quality, represented by its signature crest. This combination of taste, strength and unparalleled smoothness is created by master blenders with over a century of experience. The Limited Edition Pack is available in Kings Size in all five popular Wave styles—Full Flavor, Menthol, Menthol Green, Blue and Silver. Wave is supported by the JT International U.S.A. (JTI U.S.A.) Field Force and offers unique integrated marketing programs typically associated with premium brands, including consumer coupon mailings, exciting consumer promotions and a dedicated consumer Website (

Wave’s premium packaging and quality, unique marketing mix and affordable price can help build loyalty and repeat customers for your store.

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