Modular Blending System

Vitamix-MBS_FrontVitamix has introduced the Modular Blending System. This newest Vitamix commercial blending technology continues a legacy of innovation by increasing speed of service and accuracy of drink build—all in a compact, quiet package that blends to precisely the same smooth consistency every time.  Field tested and ready for sale, the Modular Blending System was specifically created for high volume, drive-thru quick-service restaurants. This fully automated ice, puree and blending system provides faster, consistent, more accurate, hands-free recipe builds of smoothies and other blended treats. The accuracy of the drink build improves cost of goods by reducing waste. The modular system also optimizes space by taking up less than 30 linear inches of counter space. The Modular Blending System consistently takes less than 45 seconds from order to cap on the drink, with limited operator involvement, thanks to the system’s one-step dispensing process.

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