Valero Introduces eSource

ValerologoOnline program for branded stores adds value and makes purchasing easier.

In an effort to lower the cost of fixtures, supplies and materials for operators of Valero-branded stores, Valero and e-Procurement Services (ePS) have unveiled Valero eSource, a new program that will enable store operators to purchase convenience store equipment and supplies. 

Valero eSource is a Web-based shopping catalog that Valero distributors and branded sites can access through their proprietary Valero Customer Portal in order to purchase equipment and commonly used supplies at significant discounts due to the mass buying power of Valero’s network of branded sites. Users can choose from categories like store fixtures, food & beverage equipment, signage & graphics, fuel equipment, facilities maintenance items and more. 

Those who sign up for the Valero eSource program between now and Sept. 30 will be entered into a drawing to win prizes that include gift cards and a Dell tablet.

“This is a way Valero can add value to customers carrying our brand,” said Gary Arthur, Valero’s senior vice president of wholesale marketing and product supply. “Valero’s approach to the buying program concept is unique. Valero’s eSource catalog is an easy-to-use, exclusive way for Valero’s partners to source at significant discounts with convenience store suppliers.”

Valero eSource was developed with ePS, a Michigan-based provider of e-commerce and cloud-based supply chain management applications. Valero eSource differs from “buying clubs” offered by other fuel suppliers in that there are no minimum purchases or forecast requirements. Buying supplies and equipment through Valero eSource is as simple as making a purchase from any popular e-commerce site, while Valero’s size offers eSource users the ability to make efficient purchases at lower prices.




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