VP Racing Fuels Rocks The Industry

corvette_VPNew music video pushes boundaries of marketing support for branding programs.

VP Racing Fuels will soon serve up an example of the “edgy” attention-getting marketing support its new retail partners can expect from VP’s innovative branding program.

It takes the form of a music video, due for release in early September and for which a “teaser” reel can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z494HB1BNvk. In addition to video clips from the upcoming music video, the teaser reel features scenes from the recently completed photoshoot for VP’s annual calendar poster.

“In the context of our retail brand program, VP stands apart from the major brands and oil refiners, given our historical roots in racing and reputation among performance enthusiasts,” said Alan Cerwick, president of VP Racing Fuels. “VP is known for leading-edge fuel technology, ‘MAKIN’ POWER’ and having fun, and these videos are a great illustration of that last component.”

“With VP’s widespread presence throughout the motorsports landscape, no corporate bureaucracy and independence from refiners, our marketing can adopt a cutting edge attitude and leverage social media in a way that major brands can’t follow,” said Steve Scheidker, director of marketing for VP Racing Fuels. “Through our involvement in motorsports, our existing audience already skews toward a younger demographic and this will carry over to our retail branding program through efforts such as our upcoming music video. This will be to the long-term benefit of our brand partners as we cultivate new customers at a young age and hopefully retain them for a lifetime.”

“This type of marketing support and the other benefits of our retail brand program are clearly resonating with distributors and dealers as our program continues to gain traction,” Cerwick continued. “We have dozens of c-stores either re-imaged or in the process, with many others entering the pipeline daily.”

In addition to cutting-edge marketing, VP’s program offers substantial expense reductions through the industry’s lowest credit-card rate along with sourcing unbranded fuel.

It also offers several new revenue streams for retailers with VP performance products ranging from VP101, a street legal unleaded performance fuel and VP Fuel Cubes stocked with five-gallon pails of VP’s off-road racing fuels, to five-gallon plastic VP Motorsport Containers and VP “Madditive” performance chemicals for street vehicles.

“VP’s new partners see the coming changes in the fuel industry and understand the importance of partnering with an organization like VP Racing Fuels and our game-changing brand program,” added Cerwick. “Their buy-in validates the strength of the VP brand and our ability to deliver the biggest competitive advantage to date.”




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