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Pepperoni Rollup Plated_GracFully-baked and portable, Lettieri’s new Pepperoni  Roll-Upz are sure to become a welcome addition to anyone’s “Value Menu.” Each 3.2-ounce Roll-Upz includes a generous amount of tantalizing pepperoni meat, creamy mozzarella cheese and Lettieri’s exclusive microwaveable bread with its “just out of the oven” taste.  You can also add a serving of marinara sauce to enhance one’s eating experience.Each Pepperoni Roll-Upz is fully prepared, simply thaw and heat in several heating options including microwave or oven.   Merchandised in a see-through window bag for easy identification and eye appeal, Lettieri’s Pepperoni Roll-Upz can be sold hot or cold. The Roll-Upz three-plus hour hot holding time and 14 day refrigerated shelf life along with their labor saving features, give you a great opportunity to roll up great margins and more profits to your bottom line. Lettieri’s offers extensive advertising and merchandising support for the Pepperoni Roll-Upz.  And all Lettieri’s products are available through distributors across the U.S.

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