Baby Born In Earth Market Parking Lot

Coincidentally, her father also made his debut in a parking lot.

A suburban Chicago girl was born in the parking lot of an Oswego, Ill. Earth Market store last weekend, almost 33 years after her father was also born in a parking lot.

The six-pound, three-ounce newborn, named Hannah, arrived 10 days early and the day before her dad’s 33rd birthday.

Mom Erica Pavlik has two other children and told ABC News she originally thought she was in false labor. When she determined she was actually in labor, she figured she still had plenty of time to get to the hospital—until her water broke five miles from home.  Her mom pulled over into the gas station parking lot where the baby was born.

The baby’s father, Frank Pavlik, was born in a Joliet mall parking lot in 1980, when his parents also had to pull over enroute to the hospital.

Atlas Oil launched its Earth Market brand of convenience stores in the Chicago market in 2013.



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