New Hookah Flavors, Accessories

VOODOOKretek International Inc. has announced several new additions to its lineup of Voodoo Hookah products.  Joining Voodoo traditional hookahs and new e-hookahs are a full line of 20 Shisha flavors with matching flavors in Voodoo Steam Stones.  The 20 exotic flavors are divided into four pre-packed collections of tropical and blended fruit, berries, citrus and coconut.  Flavors include Guava Sunrise, Chill Berry, and Wet Kiss Mango.  Each flavor combo is created to deliver the perfect balance of top quality hookah tobacco and natural ingredients for hookah lovers.  Voodoo steam stones are 100% natural mineral complex selected for flavor and moisture absorption.  Steam Stones produce no smoke and contain no nicotine, but deliver all the exotic flavor of Shisha. The Voodoo brand also includes hookah charcoal, hookah torch lighter, and the fast-growing Voodoo disposable e-hookah in eight  flavors with 800 puffs.  Voodoo offers products created to ensure the most enjoyable smoking experience possible. Voodoo’s goal is to provide the best products and accessories possible at the very best prices. 

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  1. dale angle says:

    how can i continue a relationship with voodoo e-juice when i can’t find-out where to buy it. if any one can help me, please e-mail me at… thank you

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