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ejournalVRX Co. Inc. has introduced EJournal Multi-License, an enhancement to its popular EJournal product, which allows business owners to save multiple electronic POS journals on their in-store computer. With EJournal Multi-License, electronic files replace long end-of-the-day journals that take forever to print, add to supply costs, and waste personnel hours. By eliminating the need to print multiple journals at the end of the day, business owners can cut costs and save time. As a loss prevention tool, EJournal Multi-License provides quick access to transaction information that is easy to search. Employee theft, which remains the number one cause of shrink, can be researched and brought to resolution in a timely manner. With electronic search capabilities, there is no need to continue digging through long ribbons of journal tape to find a transaction. Just like its predecessor, EJournal Multi-License runs on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems and can be used in conjunction with other VRX products such as the text inserter, a proven loss prevention product.

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