New Car Wash Conveyor

ConveyorMacNeil Wash Systems has introduced the brand new XR1000 Conveyor, which features a revolutionary take-up design that requires no greasing or regular maintenance. “The newest version of our popular conveyor series builds upon 30 years of best-in-the-industry engineering and features all of the advanced components our customers asked for during our most recent R&D cycle,” explained Anthony Antonis, vice president of sales and marketing, MacNeil. “All of the products we introduced this year are designed to help our customers improve their wash quality and their bottom line by realizing new efficiencies in the wash process and driving volumes with best-in-class wash capabilities.” The innovative features of the XR1000 Conveyor also include low profile guide rails and a 14-inch wide deck to accommodate today’s wider tires, a heavy-duty ½-inch steel top deck, and dual call-up cylinders for a superior, quiet operation.

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