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GoTimeMountain Top Labs is excited to announce the launch of Go Time, which debuted this June. Go Time is a reformulated ammonia inhalant (smelling salt) that will provide users with an instantaneous boost of alertness without ingesting caffeine or sugar. Go Time relies on the body’s natural response to provoke itself to alertness without ingesting anything. Smelling salts have been a pre-game ritual for both professional and collegiate athletes for years. Now the secret of the pros is available to everyone. “It is great to finally see a product that is used by so many professional athletes now improved and made readily available. I personally prefer the enhanced alertness I receive from the Go Time formula and use it whenever I need a kick start,” said Ryan Denney, (retired NFL player, nine years).

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  1. Courtney says:

    I just used this in my half marathon and it was awesome! I’m excited to see it in more stores in my area.

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