Casey’s To Card For Energy Shot Purchases

caseys-takes-charge01The Midwestern c-store chain looks to prevent teens from consuming the shots irresponsibly.

Casey’s General Stores  is now requesting ID with the purchase of energy shots and pills.  

Brian Johnson, Vice President of Finance for Casey’s General Store, told CBS News St. Louis that the chain will not sell energy shots and pills to anyone under the age of 18.

Johnson noted that with each shot having more caffeine than a cup of coffee, teens can use them irresponsibly.  “For us, we just had a concern that we would hate to see a minor purchase multiple energy shots or pills and basically consume them in a manner that they’re not intended to be used for,” he added.

Casey’s General Stores Inc. is based in Ankeny, Iowa and owns and operates over 1,730 convenience stores in 14 Midwestern states.



  1. Without an actual law to back them up, Casey’s is opening themselves up to lawsuits. Energy drinks are not an age restricted item at either the state or federal levels. Not selling them to minors without the law behind them amounts to illegal age discrimination.

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