Kwik Trip Cancels Ryan Braun Promotion

After Braun is suspended for the rest of the season, Kwik Trip cuts its Ryan Braun Luncheon promotion.

Embattled Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun was suspended Monday without pay for the rest of the Major League Baseball season (65 games) for violating its drug program, and as a result was pulled Tuesday as an endorser for Kwik Trip, ESPN reported.

Braun was the face of a promotion for Kwik Trip, with than 400 stores based in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

But on Tuesday, Gary Gonczy, the company’s director of marketing and advertising, told that Kwik Trip has stopped all television and radio commercials and that the company no longer would use Braun as a spokesman.

The Brewers’ star had been linked with the company for four years.

Kwik Trip was running a Ryan Braun Luncheon promotion where winners had a chance to bring one guest with him or her and have lunch with Braun at Ryan Braun’s Graffito restaurant in Milwaukee.

Kwik Trip has pulled the promotion just 11 days before a winner was supposed to be announced. Gonczy told ESPN that the Braun deal was arranged through a sports marketing company and that Kwik Trip expects to be paid back for the luncheon that will no longer be held.

Other companies that have relationships with Braun are reportedly in the evaluation stage.




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