Game Introduces its Newest Mild Offering of Red

game redGame by Garcia y Vega proudly announces the latest innovation in cigarillos, FoilFresh Red. Cigarillo lovers will enjoy the light mild taste of this natural leaf cigar. Small natural leaf is the fastest growing segment in the cigar category.

This latest offering is yet another response to consumer demand from Game. Game Red is a great compliment to the recent launches of Game Silver, Black, and Gold.

Each Game Red Cigarillo, filled with aged aromatic tobacco, is combined with our Connecticut Shade wrapper to make this a winning pair that is a “slow, smooth and sweet”, sophisticated smoking experience. The FoilFresh packaging guarantees that Game Red Cigarillos are as fresh as the day they were made.

Game is supporting the launch with two consumer focused promotions including the Game 2-for-99-cents pouch and 79-cent singles.

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