Rattlers Convenience Stores Launches Rattlers Rewards

Texas convenience store chain partners with KickBack Rewards to roll out a proprietary loyalty card program to drive new business and reward its existing customers.

rattlers logoIn its ongoing effort to drive new and repeat business, Rattlers Convenience Stores is proud to announce the roll out of Rattlers Rewards, a new loyalty program designed in partnership with KickBack Rewards.

“We have studied the impact or perceived impact on consumer behavior that loyalty provides for several years. Over time, we became convinced that this impact is real and that Rattlers needed to develop our own program,” said Jim Kolkhorst, CEO of Kolkhorst Petroleum Co. Inc. , which operates Rattlers Convenience Stores. “The Kickback system allowed us to do this with our own proprietary card. This is one more real differentiation that Rattlers can provide to our customers that many of our competitors are not going to spend the money to offer.”

Kolkhorst Petroleum operates 13 Rattlers convenience stores across the Brazos Valley in Texas with three separate fuel partners. Rattlers Rewards is available at all of its Exxon, Shell and Valero branded locations.

“Each of these brands has their own loyalty program, but it was our company’s contention that it was better for us to market one loyalty program, Rattlers Rewards, than to try to market three separate programs to our customers,” Kolkhorst said. “We went with Kickback Rewards because they were very easy to work with and the rollout was fairly smooth for a business transition of this size.”

The early results indicate that the Rattlers Rewards program has been very well received by customers. “Our future success is contingent on us continuing to market the program so that the customer will see the full value of what we are offering to them,” Kolkhorst said. “However, most of our customers are familiar with loyalty and appreciate the savings that Rattlers Rewards can bring to them.”

KickkBack’s unique approach to loyalty marketing quickly provided results for these stores which includes marketing, payment technology, forming coalitions, customer relationship management through using transaction data more effectively and even social media integration.

“Rattlers Convenience Stores is a reminder that you don’t have to have hundreds of stores to execute a world-class loyalty program,” said Pat Lewis, CEO of KickBack Rewards Systems. “By understanding what your goals are and how you would like to reward your existing customers, you will not only attract new business, you will gain a better understanding of your customers’ purchasing habits, their individual values and their product preferences. This helps lead chains of all sizes to increased ticket averages and an overall sales lift.”


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