Hutch’s Convenience Stores Investing in CNG

hutchsDrive by the Hutch’s convenience store and gas station in Elk City, Okla., and you will likely notice that all four compressed natural gas (CNG) pumps are in use.

The CNG pumps are flowing more and more each month, Kurtis Hutchinson, president of Hutchinson Oil, which operates the Hutch’s chain, told the Daily Elk Citian.

“There hasn’t been a month in the past year and a half, where use has not increased,” said Hutchinson. “It is growing.”

Hutchinson said more pumps are needed as an increasing number of companies convert fleets from gas to CNG. Fleets are not the only ones using the pumps, more drivers are converting their personal vehicles to CNG or purchasing CNG-powered vehicles.

The four CNG pumps located at the Hutch’s in Elk City along with a pump at a second Hutchinson Oil station are the only pumps in Elk City available for public use, the report said.

To continue growing interest in CNG, Hutchinson Oil is hosting a free luncheon, CNG & Me, open to the public to learn more about CNG. The luncheon, scheduled for July 9, will feature keynote speaker Scott Minton, market development Specialist for Chesapeake Energy.


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