Boneless Chicken Options Help Deli Retailers Capitalize on Foodservice Trends

tysonbonelessNow available to grocery and deli retailers nationwide, Tyson Simply Fried Boneless Fried Chicken provides deli shoppers with the same home-style fried chicken taste they’re familiar with, helping retailers capture shopper attention with on-trend chicken concepts that increase impulse purchases.

In a recent report from Technomic, it was found that 58 percent of consumers surveyed strongly prefer boneless chicken options over bone-in items, making Tyson Simply Fried Boneless Fried Chicken and other boneless options a priority for retailers looking to energize shopper buying in the deli marketplace.

Kelly Weikel of Technomic also commented also said, “I think the idea of boneless in general is one we’ll see a lot more of, not just among the younger group. Everyone’s mindset is starting to trend from traditional to contemporary, and boneless is seen as a more interesting take on chicken.”

“Offering a premier chicken option like Tyson Simply Fried Boneless Fried Chicken helps grocers capitalize on consumer trends and adds tremendous value to any deli section instantly,” said Tyson Brand Manager, T. FuQua. “This product captures high-value, impulse deli shoppers, providing family-friendly meal solutions with no bones,” adds FuQua. “Made with a high-quality coating that retains maximum internal moisture creating longer hold times with traditional home-style taste and premium cuts of tender chicken, there’s no other product that will drive deli business like this.”

Not only offering the benefits of tender and juicy traditional fried chicken, but Tyson Boneless Fried Chicken is designed with operators at top of mind. With simple cooking procedures that require nothing more than using existing chicken frying equipment and limited training, grocery store deli managers can produce a consistent product that consumers seek and buy regularly.

Available for purchase immediately, master cases contain enough breasts and thighs to complete nine, four-piece boxes.


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