Cig2o Black Label Disposable E-Cig

kretekblackKretek International Inc. is rolling out new Cig2o Black Label Premium Disposable e-cigarettes. The sleek new Black Label line offers an eye-catching designer black barrel and features dual LED lights.  Cig2o Black Label delivers all of the taste, smoothness and quality that have made Cig2o one of the top E-Cig brands in the country.  Cig2o Black Label is available in three rich Tobacco, two cool Menthol and eight other fresh tastes.  Grape, Double Cherry, Raspberry Mint, Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, Coffee and Red Hot flavors round out this 13 SKU brand extension. The individual e-cigs offer around 500 puffs, and feature Cig2o patented atomizer technology and 33% longer lasting battery life.  Portable clear tube packaging adds to consumer convenience. Cig2o Black Label Premium flavors join the full line of Cig2o e-cigarettes, creating a strong loyalty opportunity for the brand as adult smokers enter the category.

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