RIISER Energy of Wisconsin Adds SmartLink

Riiser“Heartland’s SmartLink program makes PCI much more manageable,” says director of information technology for RIISER.

RIISER Energy has added SmartLink by Heartland Payment Systems.  A Wausau, Wis.-based convenience store and gasoline retailer, RIISER is implementing Heartland’s state-of-the-art managed network technology solution in its 28 convenience stores in Wisconsin.

Heartland’s SmartLink solution is a cloud-based, secure managed network service, with PCI-compliant network security, that effectively supports transaction data flow and the monitoring of in-store clients. SmartLink’s cloud-based Managed Network Tools provide operators with monitored VPN communications for automatic tank gauges, in-store environmental and refrigeration control systems, back-office systems, digital signs, email and Internet access.  It also provides a distributed and segmented SSL network to support transactions generated by point-of-sale, money order, check cashing, ATM and fleet card terminals.

SmartLink also allows gasoline and convenience store retailers to receive a single network-related invoice and can rely on one customer service resource for their troubleshooting and network monitoring needs, thus reducing in-house support costs and need for additional IT staff.

“We chose Heartland’s SmartLink as our PCI partner due to the ease of site-setup, their excellent customer-service and technical support team, and Smartlink’s overall program capabilities,” said Dave Simonis, director of information technology for RIISER Energy.  “With a small IT department, we didn’t have the resources to fully develop and implement all aspects of PCI internally. Heartland’s SmartLink program makes PCI much more manageable.”

 “SmartLink will definitely help RIISER Energy with all of its locations in Wisconsin and we look forward to a strong partnership,” added Michael Youngkin, Heartland’s senior director of network solutions.  “We know convenience store and gasoline retailers struggle with multiple telecom providers, high overhead costs, and most importantly, meeting PCI compliance guidelines. SmartLink resolves those critical challenges for RIISER, allowing management to spend more time running their business.”

“Riiser Energy’s IT department needed a solution for its managed network requirements, and from its cloud-based platform to monitored VPN communications to much more, SmartLink is the ideal match to meet the company’s needs,” said Alan Levine, Heartland’s director of petroleum and c-store national accounts.






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