SmartServe Blend In Cup

hamiltonHamilton Beach Commercial has introduced the SmartServe Blend In Cup, model BIC2000. Designed with high-volume quick-serve locations in mind, the BIC2000 is the most efficient way to deliver blended drinks to customers. It allows for zero waste of ingredients, minimizes labor, avoids the use of cumbersome blender jars, and provides great drink consistency. Additionally, the SmartServe Blend In Cup features automatic rinsing and periodic sanitizing, eliminating the time it takes to clean blending equipment. All drink ingredients go into the cup that is served to the customer, as opposed to the waste left behind in blender jars. The cup is then inserted into the machine, and is blended while the operator preps other drinks or tends to the register. The cup is then served to the customer & the machine automatically rinses itself so it’s ready for the next drink.

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