Non-Traditional Froyo

froyoDonper America, a recognized name and strategic partner to those in the foodservice and commercial refrigeration industries, has introduced its newest soft serve machine, the BT7280, to the market. Designed for use in non-traditional frozen yogurt concepts, the BT7280 is the perfect solution for owners of concepts like convenience stores, hotels and cafeterias looking to add froyo as an additional revenue generator. Convenience stores are bringing the machine in as an additional revenue generator alongside frozen drinks and other desserts. The countertop model features two individual hoppers and harnesses the ability to twist the two flavors. Its user-friendly, digital control panel enables users to go from setup to serving in a matter of minutes, while monitoring consistency and mix levels to ensure smooth, creamy product every time. With no complex water systems required, the BT7280 maintains functionally through an air-cooled system.

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