Slidell Oil’s Purple Cow Stores Choose PriceAdvantage

Following 30-day trial, Purple Cow Convenience Stores roll out SMART Fuel Pricing.

Slidell Oil has chosen PriceAdvantage SMART Fuel Pricing, a fuel price management solution, for their 20 Purple Cow convenience stores across the Gulf Coast.

Slidell Oil was looking for an advanced pricing tool to aid them in the fuel pricing process by providing price change automation, confirmation feedback, competitive intelligence, and audit trail support. After completing a free 30-day trial of PriceAdvantage, including the automatic import of competitive surveys from PDI, the decision to go with PriceAdvantage was an easy one to make according to Slidell management.

“We found that competitor surveys were not always updated from morning to afternoon, but now with PriceAdvantage we’re getting more accurate surveys. Those in the field can now enter them directly into their mobile devices, giving us the real-time intelligence we need to price all stores from headquarters,” said Keith Baker, Managing Partner of Slidell Oil. “And we’ve moved from pricing daily to pricing multiple times per day with greatly improved accuracy.”

“PriceAdvantage will not only automate Slidell’s fuel pricing process but also give them the needed confirmation feedback to feel confident that prices are complete, correct, and implemented in a timely manner,” said Chip Stadjuhar, CEO of Skyline Products.

PriceAdvantage SMART Fuel Pricing is a highly specialized retail fuel pricing solution for the convenience store industry. Designed to maximize fuel profits, PriceAdvantage provides automation for the entire fuel pricing process from collection of competitive surveys, to sophisticated analysis for best price determination, to rapid speed-to-the-street price change execution with price change confirmation feedback.

Slidell Oil Co., operates 20 Purple Cow Stores  in the states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi and more than 40 dealers in the three southeastern states.



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