Altria Enters E-Cigarette Market

With both Altria and R.J. Reynolds now in the e-cigarette market, c-stores can rest assured the product is here to stay.

Tobacco company Altria Group Inc. is launching its first electronic cigarette. The owner of the biggest cigarette maker in the U.S., Philip Morris USA, announced the details of its NuMark subsidiary’s new product Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The news comes less than a week after R.J. Reynolds announced the rollout of its VUSE electronic cigarette. A clear sign that e-cigarettes are more than just a passing fad.

Richmond, Va.-based Altria expects to launch its first electronic cigarette under the MarkTen brand in Indiana starting in August.

MarkTen is a disposable e-cigarette but can be reused by buying a separate battery recharging kit and additional cartridges. The e-cigarette, made in China by a contract manufacturer, is expected to sell for about $9.50, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Altria has yet to report any plans to expand beyond the initial statewide test market. It has also been mum on its advertising plans.





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