Spinx Introduces Mobile Shopping Technology

spinx1Partners with NCR.

Spinx Co. is set to deploy NCR ConvenienceGo (C-Go) mobile shopping technology to make fueling and shopping at the chain of convenience stores easier. Spinx, which operates stores in North Carolina and South Carolina, will roll out C-Go to 57 of its stores.

C-Go is a mobile shopping app, which allows shoppers to initiate a fuel transaction, select the amount of gas they want and pay with their smartphones. The mobile technology will be customized to match Spinx’s brand image, colors and unique guidelines. C-Go also eliminates the need for shoppers to carry a key-fob loyalty card as the C-Go app updates and stores each shopper’s loyalty information and passes that information to the fuel pump automatically. This allows shoppers to easily get any loyalty discounts or other benefits they are entitled to receive.

“Spinx is always looking for new and technologically advanced ways to make our customers’ lives easier,” said Steve Spinks, president and CEO of The Spinx Co. “We’re looking forward to launching the new Spinx Xtras app which will provide our loyal customers with a more convenient method for redeeming gas discounts and paying for the purchase, all through the use of their mobile phones.”

“Mobile technology is the next frontier in convenience shopping and is enabling today’s consumers to get what they want quickly and easily,” said NCR Vice President and General Manager of Grocery and Convenience Stores Jimmy Frangis. “Spinx is at the forefront of mobile shopping with its innovative C-Go deployment. As shoppers embrace the technology, Spinx will be well positioned to reap the benefits of increased shopper loyalty and more repeat visits.”

The Spinx Co. operates 69 convenience retail stores in South Carolina and North Carolina.



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