Breaking News: R.J. Reynolds Vapor Launches ‘VUSE’ Digital Vapor Cigarette

VUSE Product LineRollout begins on July 1 in Colorado.

Seizing on the business opportunity of the fast-growing e-cigarette category, R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company (RJRV), a subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc. (RAI), is bringing its VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette to retail outlets throughout Colorado.

At a press conference today at Pier 59 Studios in New York City, R.J. Reynolds announced the rollout of the VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette, which was created with three key objectives in mind: to replicated the smoking experience of cigarettes, to meet high internal stewardship standards and to offer a cost effective product.

“This is a game-changing product in the e-cigarette category,” said Stephanie Cordisco, president of RJRV. “There is strong awareness of the category among adult smokers and many are trying e-cigarettes, but few adult smokers are switching to them entirely. That’s because the products currently on the market aren’t providing everything adult smokers are looking for. We believe VUSE will change that.”

Designed in-house by R.J. Reynolds R&D experts, VUSE is designed using innovative digital technology, ensuring it delivers consistent flavor and a satisfying vapor experience.

“VUSE is powered by Smart Technology, which is designed to monitor and regulate the power, heat and cartridge performance to ensure a perfect puff first time, every time,” Cordisco said. “To date, adult smokers who have tried e-cigarettes haven’t found a product that performs consistently. With its digital technology, VUSE gives adult smokers considering e-cigarettes an innovative, high-quality product from a leading tobacco company.”

Unlike other e-cigarettes currently on the market, VUSE is completely designed and assembled in the U.S., and, as an additional quality step, VUSE incorporates automated manufacturing to ensure a consistently reliable cartridge every time. VUSE will be sold in a rechargeable format.

“VUSE has been designed to offer the affordability and convenience of a disposable e-cigarette, while providing on-going cost savings and reduced environmental impact by being rechargeable,” Cordisco said.

The VUSE Solo and VUSE System will be sold in retail outlets in Colorado beginning in July. VUSE Solo includes a flavor cartridge, original or menthol, a rechargeable VUSE PowerUnit and a USB charger. The VUSE System includes three flavor cartridges, two original and one menthol, a rechargeable VUSE PowerUnit, both a USB charger and an AC wall adapter, and a carrying case.

VUSE cartridges will also be sold separately at retail outlets. Depending on use, a cartridge lasts about as long as one pack of traditional cigarettes. Every VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette comes pre-charged and ready to use right out of the pack. The price for a VUSE Solo will be around $10, the VUSE System will likely cost around $30 and cartridges will be sold in two-packs for around $6.

“As the preferences of adult tobacco consumers change, we are leading the transformation of the tobacco industry, providing high-quality products for them to consider,” Cordisco said. “Some Wall Street analysts have predicted significant growth for the e-cigarette category during the next few years. With our VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette, we intend to be a market leader in the category.”

VUSE-SOLO-Package-ContentsVUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes use rechargeable technology to minimize waste for adult tobacco consumers and to help minimize its environmental impact. The VUSE Solo provides the same convenience and affordability as disposable e‐cigarettes in the market, but with cost savings and opportunity for future use. Every VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette comes pre‐charged and ready to go right out of the pack. The USB charger included with all VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes lets adult tobacco consumers who enjoy VUSE continue doing so by simply purchasing replacement Cartridges. This affords cost savings for adult tobacco consumers and helps reduce the environmental impact from the disposal of Lithium Polymer batteries. As of mid‐2013, the e‐cigarette market is about 72% disposable.

What’s more, VUSE is offering an entirely cost‐free and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of depleted VUSE PowerUnits and Cartridges. To participate in the VUSE Recycling Program, consumers need only to visit or call a toll‐free number to register. The company will then send a pre‐paid mailer so that, when ready, adult tobacco consumers can return VUSE PowerUnits and Cartridges to the company for recycling.




  1. Conrad2010 says:

    As a Vaper. I hope this digital E-Cig is a vast improvement over earlier models.
    I found using cartridges w/earlier models was not satisfactory. Dropping about 2 drops of Juice as it is called, directly into the atomizer works much better than cartridges & last longer between refills.

  2. This product sucks…I have bought four so far and only one has been able to recharge. The filters don’t last very long and the website has no way to get a hold of anyone. I have used three email address to try to sign up on their website to gain access and it tells me that all of them are all ready registered. Additionally the contact number at RJ Reynolds Vape for consumers goes to a Cruise line sales company. Don’t bother with this product.

    • CrazyCatLady says:

      I had that problem with my first VUSE product and was told it was something with the communication between the cartridge and battery (the company took full blame) – they may now even have an article or video out about it (someone told me that, but I didn’t feel the need to search for it). I called that 1-877-614-VUSE number and was sent an envelope to send my product back for further research and was provided a coupon for a free VUSE. Satisfied me and the product I have now works fine. I do find I am using it more frequently, so I go through the cartridges a lot faster than most but it’s still better than my cigarettes – especially at work where I can’t smoke, even outside.

    • Tori Rains says:

      I have the Vuse and it works great!! Try calling them at 1-877-614-vuse. This is working great for me. There is always a lemon or two in every product from cars to small appliances & now e-cigarettes.

    • billy batson says:

      Jared, really? I mean really? If their site tells you the user name you are trying to use is taken it means someone beat ya to it, not that the product or website is bad ya big goober, If you cant figure that out then the reason the batteries did not charge is probably because you didnt hook it up right, or backwards. STick the valid concerns not your computer illiteracy. This product is great I just got one for free froma coupon. Loving how its small and can hold like a reg cig,

  3. If you want a great classic style eCig, Red Dot Smoke beats them all. I’ve tried a lot.

  4. I’ve yet to find a store in Colorado that carries it — not Walmart, not Walgreens, not King Soopers — who carries it?

  5. trblncolo says:

    I too would like to know where this is sold. I am in Pueblo, and have hit almost everywhere looking for this, and when I ask for Vuse, they look at me like I asked for something illegal.
    No one knows what Vuse is or where to get it, including me!
    If you know where to get it, please email me at:

  6. I was given a free promo of this 2 weeks ago and I haven’t bought a pack of cigarettes since. I LOVE this unit and unlike the other commenter below, mine charges just fine. I am still on my first cartridge (not a heavy smoker) and when ready, will be buying more at 7-11 (yes they carry them) For the price and quality, I couldn’t be more satisfied with this product not to mention the fact that I don’t have to go outside and freeze my butt off anymore for a fix and I’m not breathing in all of those nasty cancer causing carcinogens.

  7. The R.J. Reynolds online site is a realm of circular tasks which inevitably ends up telling me my email address is incorrect, or I’m already registered so just sign in with password which I forgot & then the cycle begins anew when I try to retrieve or change my password. That needs an email. Oh, but your email is incorrect again & again. I quit this runaround.

  8. Toby Faircloth says:

    I just use the Ego brand you refill and vape. I buy my vape fluid in 102 ml. bottle for $12.00 and it last me for months. I charge and 1 battery and it lasts all day. You refill the reservoir in 30 seconds without buying the cartridge refills. The products with the cartridge’s are stupid. Burn it dry and throw it away then buy refills. When they can offer something similar i’ll consider it but there are vape shop’s every where that offer better products at cheaper prices.

  9. I heard you can only get them in Colorado. Will someone please tell RJ Reynolds that there are 49 other states they forgot about. How the hell you gonna come out with a so called revolutionary product and only sell it in one state? Who the hell do they think they are Apple?

  10. Can you get it at Walmart

  11. Brian Robinson says:

    Where are they sold?

  12. I have tried Blue and E- Vapor Cigarette they both did not work.2 weeks ago I got a coupon in the mail for a free Vuse Rechargeable Cigarette and also for a free cartridge, well really I got 2 because the refills come with 2 cartridges. I wasn’t even going to get it because like I said the others I tried were junk.. well I got the Vuse because it was free, I am so so glad I did, I really like is stronger than the other blu or helps with the cravings. its great and if you get the free coupon, use it!!

  13. sunshine061956 says:

    Would like to try this ecig, and I hear there is a coupon for a free one. Any one know where I can find it??

  14. I Love the Vise a lot I got the free coupon to and i have a vapor CIG with the liquid from the vapor depot and the vise beets it at first I didn’t think I was going to like it but I love it my husband usually does not like vapor cigs but he loves this one definitely going to buy more this week I don’t even crave a real CIG anymore great job and I hope we get more good offers and coupons soon. I am going to buy a second one for me so my husband and I each have one 🙂 its perfect also think about making a little bit of a stronger nicotine cartridge I like very strong cigs thanks

  15. Does anyone else have the problem of the mouth piece getting so hot that it burns your mouth

  16. Can you get these in Springfield Missouri?

  17. I wish I could get a free coupon. My daughter used mine

  18. I have one that was bought they took one hit off it and gave me the whole vuse solo and the 2 extra cartridges original i tryed it not my thing I’m thinking about selling it

  19. Doreen Reed says:

    Looking for the coupon too

  20. Mary Burket Romblad says:

    I used Blu E-cigs and have been smoke free for almost 3yrs now…So, to anyone that is thinking of quitting cigarettes.. GO FOR IT!! If I can do it, so can you…

  21. The VUSE booklet says there should be a digital display on the pen that tells me how many puffs are left, but areal I see is the red vuse logo is place of where I assume it should be…I want to peel it off in case it might be under it but the sticker looks like it’s not meant to come off. Can anyone help me?

  22. I enjoy my Vuseon the most part. in the beginning I had issues with bitterness but Vuse ent me alot of coupons to make up for it. I haven’t had any bitterness since either.

  23. Lorilee Taylor says:

    I purchased a brand new battery for my vuse and 2 new filters. The battery worked fine for the first cartridge. I re-harged it and used it again for the next cartridge and it quit working before the cartridge was used up. I recharged the battery and tried to finish the first cartridge which would never work again. I had to get the new cartridge and use it after charging the battery again and throw away the 1st cartridge. This is becoming very costly to me. I really enjoy the taste of the vuse regular flavor but can’t continue to smoke at these prices. I am very disappointed in your product.

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  25. Brenda Jordan Bolling says:

    Where campus and you can find using a retail store

  26. So I’ve been buying these e-cigs/cartridges for a year now and they keep being defective. They will just shut off a couple of hours to a couple of days after purchasing them and I end up having to buy another e-cig because of this. Sometimes I am lucky and get one that works for a couple of weeks, but I only had one that worked as long as advertised which is a couple months. Also had a problem with defective cartridges with one in the package not even working every now and then, but this is more common from the ones I buy at the gas station than the ones I buy at the grocery store. I wished the e-cigs worked as advertised because VUSE is the only e-cig manufacturer that I know of that gives 4.0% nicotine which is just enough to satisfy me. I enjoy the product when it works, but I can’t afford to keep buying these things at a whim every time they stop working.

    • I also must note that when I say it doesn’t work, I mean the light on it shuts off and never comes back on even when I try to charge it. The thing completely doesn’t work and no light comes on when I puff on it or charge it.

  27. it sucks to be honest its supposed to last a while like around 1 week it only lasted me 3 hours and the led smart light s fucked up

  28. Carolyn Martin says:

    I have mixed feelings about this product and I have used it for almost a year now. I basically believe it is a good e-cig. But, for enjoyment-sake, I prefer the analog brands(rolled tobacco/cigarettes). At least with them, you know that once you have smoked it to the filter, it is disposable. This digital brand has a lot of room for improvement.

  29. Melissa b says:

    I usually use mark 10 XL ecigs ! All of the stores around my area were out of the cartridges so I bought a vuse ecig ! I prefer menthol bc I want them to taste like my cigarettes ! I was disgusted when I tried the vuse menthol ! As a woman who has smoked a few cigars her days with wine ! I didn’t expect or want my ecig to taste like a cigar ! It made me nauseous and gave me a headache bc at first I thought it just needed to get it juices flowing! Just like a cigar the only time I tasted menthol was on my lips! I’m very dissatisfied and disappointed ! First thing in the morning we had to go out of area to get Mark 10 ! I couldn’t take the taste of vuse anymore ! You should warn potential customers that it may not taste like your average menthol cigarette !

  30. The cost of a new application is £362 plus VAT.

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