Rutter’s Menu Delivers Favorite Flavors

rutters-among-50-fastest-growing-companies01Mini tacos and pastrami burger entice customers.

New tastes abound on Rutter’s menu this week with the introduction of the pastrami burger melt and mini tacos.

Rutter’s pastrami burger melt is 50% reuben sandwich, 50% patty melt and 100% delicious. It’s a Rutter’s burger topped with pastrami and Thousand Island dressing and the choice of cheese grilled together to melted perfection on a Kaiser roll. As with every sandwich at Rutter’s, the pastrami burger melt can be customized to individual tastes by adding any of Rutter’s fresh toppings.

Rutter’s mini tacos will appear on the menu as an appetizer on the rapidly-expanding menu, as well as on the newly-created Rutter’s value menu. The mini tacos will be served with salsa and available five tacos to an order for $1.99.

Rutter’s Farm Stores is recognized in the c-store industry as a leader in food service innovation. The foodservice team is led by Vice President of Food Service, Jerry Weiner.


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