Bennett Pump Co. Unveils New Dispensers for Alternative Fuels

Bennett-Announces-Alternative-Fuel-Dispenser-LineOptions include solutions for natural gas, hydrogen and ethanol blends and bio-diesel.

Bennett Pump Co., a North American manufacturer of fuel dispensers, has announced a new comprehensive line of alternative fuel dispensers.

As the retail and commercial fuel markets have begun to rapidly change and embrace alternative fuels, so has Bennett by now providing dispensing solutions for virtually any fuel.

Bennett manufactures a complete line of Natural Gas dispensers with integrated payment options. Based off of its flagship Pacific series retail dispenser line, the new Bennett LNG (liquefied natural gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas) dispensers provide the same look and familiar customer interface that makes using these alternative fuels a natural progression for customers. In addition to Natural Gas, the company’s full line of alternative fuel dispensers includes solutions for Hydrogen, Ethanol blends and Bio-Diesel.

“Bennett has worked to position itself at the forefront of the latest fueling technologies and we listen to our customers when developing new products,” said James Collier, senior vice president of sales & marketing. “I believe we have an obligation to provide our customers with the products they desire, not just the products we desire to sell. Our expanded line of alternative fuel dispensers demonstrates that commitment. We are pleased to offer dispensing solutions for everything from Ethanol to Bio-Diesel, Hydrogen to Natural Gas, and Kerosene to Gasoline.”




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