Family Express Reaches “The Cloud”

Partners with 3xLOGIC.

Family Express announced that it has chosen 3xLOGIC, Inc., a developer of intelligent video solutions, as its provider of video surveillance solutions beginning May of 2013.

This is another innovative way that Family Express uses technology to enhance overall operational efficiency and deliver outstanding customer service.

The 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL Video Management System (VMS) provides the ability to monitor the store from the home, backroom office, or mobile device of authorized Family Express Associates. The ability to access live video through a mobile device on the go is an advantage Family Express had not been able to capture before.

“Our people are our competitive advantage; we want to use 3xLOGIC to catch them in the act of doing the right thing,” said Alex Olympidis, director of operations for Family Express. Enhanced line-item audit trails and custom search options provide the ability to find areas of strength and weakness more quickly than ever before.

By using 3xLOGIC’s Cloud Application, 3xCLOUD, Family Express was able to eliminate nearly sixty personal computers in the homes of store managers, allowing them to access video feed on the device of their choice.

“3xCLOUD gives Family Express the ability to easily access video from any of their stores on a laptop, smart phone, tablet, or desktop PC,” said Dave Nieweg, vice president and general manager of 3xLOGIC Inc. “With 3xCLOUD, Family Express is able to further extend their operational leadership and effectiveness by allowing key personnel to view live and saved video anywhere that they have internet access. As a result they are able to make smarter and more timely decisions about their business, their assets and their employees.”








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