Former Hatco CEO and Board Chairman Passes Away

“Rod was an invaluable treasure to all of us,” says Hatco president. 

Rod Chaudoir, former president and chairman of the Board of Hatco Corp., passed away with his family at his side in Wisconsin on April 28.
A native of Sturgeon Bay, Wis., Chaudoir was a graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and joined Hatco Corp. in 1952 as assistant to Hatco founder, Gordon Hatch.
Hatch recognized Chaudoir’s talent for administration as well as innovation and, as the company grew, Chaudoir became involved in virtually all aspects of the business. Chaudoir’s major accomplishments included the extension and diversification of the Hatco product line, achieving representation in new markets including government sales and the fast food industry, building and strengthening the organizational structure, and successfully transitioning the company following Gordon Hatch’s death to a new management structure under David Hatch.
In announcing Chaudoir’s passing, Hatco President Dave Rolston commented, “Rod was an invaluable treasure to all of us, both in terms of his unique personality and as a link with the scope and breadth of our history.  We all valued his excellent advice and thoroughly enjoyed hearing him reminisce about the time that Hatco was a small company.  We will surely miss him.”

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