Alon Kicks off Clean 13 Program (Video)

Chain gives away the first of 13 cars to customers, employees and the local community.

Alon Brands editALON Brands, which markets ALON motor fuel products at 900 locations and is the largest licensee of 7-Eleven in the U.S., is stepping up its effort to give customers the best experience possible, and that means clean stores and friendly employees.

In 2010, the company started the “Clean Team” program. Clean Team stores are inspected several times a year and rated based on the results. Store employees are rewarded with cash and prizes based on their scores and percentage of improvement. The grand prize each year is a free car to the store manager with the highest score.

In 2013, ALON decided to expand the program and give out 13 cars to its loyal customers, deserving local charities (community champions), and the highest performing store employees at company-owned and distributor locations. So it created Clean 13.

Lubbock, Texas resident Elizabeth Stanford was awarded the first car on April 20 at a Fast Stop operated by Kendrick Oil in Lubbock.

Watch ALON Brands President and CEO Kyle McKeen discuss the Clean 13 program and giveaway the first car.


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