Warm Tortilla Merchandiser

CSCAMEXCSCAMEX, a developer of innovative temperature controlled merchandisers for the retail industry, has introduced the T-01 Warm Tortilla Merchandiser. The T-01 was introduced after the company’s clients expressed a need for a visual merchandiser that effectively displayed warm fresh tortillas, that was well lighted, temperature controlled, and had the ability to retain the moisture in the tortillas, all while providing energy efficiency.  CSCAMEX worked with Mission Foods and thoroughly tested the merchandiser in Mission Food’s labs with its New Tradicionales brand of fresh tortillas. Already, several large supermarket chains in the U.S. and Mexico have placed orders for the T-01 tortilla merchandiser. “We look forward to helping these chains increase their tortilla sales while reducing their shrinkage,” said Chip Aschinger, President and CEO.

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