On-Trend Dipping Sauces

BroastersThe Broaster Co. has introduced six on-trend dipping sauce flavors and a spicy chicken filet. Together, they enhance The Broaster Co. line of products that includes chicken tenders, shrimp, boneless wings, bone-in wings and chicken filets. The dipping sauces are available in two convenient sizes, 1.25-ounce dipping cups and a gallon-size jug, with a handy pump, for countertop or back-of-the-house use. The dipping sauces come in a range of flavor profiles, including BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Asian, Signature and Mild Wing Sauce. The four-ounce spicy chicken filet has a spicy flavor profile and is typically served on a bun. Broaster’s Cajun popcorn chicken, standard breaded chicken filet and boneless buffalo wing are complementary products. The spicy chicken filet filled a gap in the current product line in order to meet a growing consumer taste profile. Both product lines are available now.

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