Big Calzone Taste, Smaller Size

LettierisLettieri’s has debuted two smaller versions of their now famous calzones.  They include a 3-Cheese and a Pepperoni.  Both are four ounces of Italian goodness.

Developed from old world recipes, the 3-Cheese is generously filled with Pepperjack, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses with pizza sauce.  The Pepperoni variety includes lots of pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and a special blended tomato sauce. With a suggested SRP of $1.69, these calzones are the perfect addition to anyone’s “value” lunch menu.  Preparation is easy since they arrive par baked for finishing in a microwave or oven. They can be merchandised in either a cooler case or warmer and have a 14 day refrigerated shelf life along with three-hour hold times in the warmer. Each one is packaged in an eye-catching window bag, which lets the consumer see what they are purchasing.

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