Hoodia Infused Gum

SIDEBAR_SNACKLESSGUMDesert Labs’ Snack Less chewing gum is the first in a new series of products powered by Hoodia Parviflora, the only Hoodia designated SAFE for human consumption. Snack Less chewing gum is infused with Hoodia Parviflora to give dieters control over snacking and food cravings. Hoodia has long been linked to appetite control, creating the same effect on the brain’s hunger regulating mechanism as eating a full meal, but without the calories. With a slick design and three flavors, the Snack Less gum is the chew of choice for many dieters and weight watchers. The gum can be found in drug and vitamin stores as well as in the diet aisle of supermarket and convenience stores.   The first Hoodia to gain GRAS status is Hoodia parviflora; grown and marketed by Desert Labs, it allows consumer and supplement manufacturer’s access to the only safe Hoodia on the market.

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